SHTAROS.COM is a collection of halachic documents designed to address many Halachic issues that arise in standard contracts. Please note that these are not intended to replace any legal documents, and an attorney should be consulted before use.

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Halacha Lease 12.pdf
Promissory Note 2020.docx

The following documents are offered free of charge as a public service. They may be used for personal use without modification.

Iska Contract - Chatzi Milvah.docx
Iska Contract Kulo Pekadon.docx
Agreement validation.docx
arbitration agreement template.docx
Shtar Berurin Yachid.doc

Please note that these halachic documents are offered AS-IS, and no warranties are made regarding their effect in either civil court or Bais DIn, They have not been reviewed by an attorney, and are intended for their Halachic purposes only. An attorney should be consulted before use.

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